Thursday, 21 April 2011

Weird and Wonderful Works of Art

I've been scouting around for some artists that use unusual materials in their work, and Ive found some pretty impressive ones for you to take a look at:

First up we have Herb Williams who uses crayons for these sculptures

 He also did the cover art for The All American Rejects albumm 'When the world comes down' ( The crayons are on fire incase you can't see where the whole crayon art comes in)

Following on from the crayon art I found this next artist, Pete Goldlust (who does some other crazy art thats worth looking at) that truely makes you appriciate the amount of time and effort that must have gone into these tiny sculptures.  Mind blowing!

I wonder how many crayons he went through to get them like this....

Chris Gilmour uses cardboard to make these sculptures, but the way he moulds it into the shape he wants is pretty impressive, especially because of the size of the sculpture.

Its even got the all important ejector button.

The last unusual art I've got for you is by Margaux Lange, her website is definitely worth checking out because she has a lot more than what I can show you here.

 And I've saved the best for last -

As far as unusual art goes I think these are pretty inventive, but as perfect as barbie's bum is, I'm not sure I'd like it hanging around my wrist.  It's a clever way of reusing and recycling a toy that would otherwise go into landfill.

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