Thursday 8 November 2012

A mountain of inspiration to share with you!

I've been collecting bits of paper and patterned designs for a while now and didn't know what to do with it all.  I couldn't bare to throw any of them away, you never know when these things may come in handy (I'm pretty sure Matthew is rolling his eyes right about now....).  So before any of my little findings got ( thrown in the bin I've complied a new inspiration journal that I can dip into if I'm ever stuck for ideas.  I know Pinterest is a good source of inspiration and I do dive into that if I need a nudge in a specific design direction.  I like to be able to put together boards around a certain theme when I'm working to a brief or competition guidelines.  It's nice to have something solid and in your hands to flick through sometimes.

Take a peek

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  1. Love your inspiration journal- I love flipping through mine as I always seem to come across new things!? Its always interesting to see how different things inspire me at different times. have fun with yours:) Julie