Tuesday 19 February 2013

Designer Feature: Lesley Todd

This morning we welcome Lesley Todd to the blog, I've always admired her work and she has some beautiful patterns to show you all today, but first a little about her.

She started out as a graphic designer but felt restricted in what she created, when her husband bought her a Wacom tablet everything seemed to click into place and her love of art finally collided with design.

She is inspired by a lot of different things, from vintage travel posters (you can see this in her work below!) to mid century designers like Lucienne Day to going for walks with her dog in the countryside.  She even has a board above her desk covered in post-it notes of inspiration and ideas, which is such a great idea! Then you can just pick out something if your having an 'off' day.

She loves to collect hand made craft pieces of art and has built up a lovely collection over the past 10 years, she has pieces by Diana Fayt, Janet Bell, Geninne Zlatkis, Tom Frost, Chris Neale, Angie Lewin and Sasha Harding.  She loves to spot artists and makers who are just starting out, then she can watch their careers really take off, they inspire her everyday to work really hard so maybe one day she will be the one creating something amazing.  Although I feel she is well on her way with her designs!

She has a beautiful style with a mixture of delicate and vibrant colour palettes, but all are well thought out and work perfectly. I love that she uses mutiple motifs to make her repeats more complex so you have to work to see the repeating tile.  I can definitely see these designs working on a number of products and hope to see her in many shops in the future!

You can find Lesley on Facebook and Twitter here.

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