Tuesday 10 December 2013

My Craft Fair Experience No.2

My experience of craft fairs so far should be enough to put me off for a long time! You can read about the first two here and this post is about my third one which was on the first of December and it was another flop.  I only sold two items this time so didn't even cover my stall, but it wasn't the quality of the stalls, it was just there were no buyers to buy!  It was situated in a hotel and there was plenty of parking, the stalls were all lovely and I bought several Christmas presents myself, it just didn't attract the footfall we had all intended.

All in all it was a pretty good day though, I had my sister over for the weekend so she came along and made herself (not so) useful by knocking over items on my stall more than a few times.  She was brilliant to have along though, Sophie is bubbly and chatty whereas I can be quiet and shy so she was exactly what I needed.  She had us chatting to the lady on the next stall within minutes (who sold the most delicious cupcakes I've ever had!), and we literally talked for the whole day.  So it wasn't as long a day as it felt it was going to be in the beginning.

The lovely lady on this stall bought one of my hand sewn totebags and she even wants to get together to plan to make some for her business!  So something good can come out of any bad experience.  The best bit of advice I have gleaned from this fair is if you are shy or find it daunting talking to the public then take someone like my Sophie along, they will help you relax and feel more comfortable getting to know the other stall holders.

That's the second thing, get to know the other stallholders! They are businesses too and who knows what collaborations may arise from having a little chat.  They will often exchange business tips with you or other fairs worth looking into so it is definitely a good idea to go around and introduce yourself or just as them how it's gone for them near the end of the day.

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  1. Thanks Emma for sharing these tips...''something good can come out of any bad experience''--- I'll remember that !!!!