Wednesday 7 May 2014

My Fear of Craft Fairs is Banished!

After quite a few months of swearing I would never do another craft fair (due to this and this) I finally got the courage to try again. Last Saturday I joined a whole host of wonderful artists and makers along with local shops and vintage stalls for a lovely little Arts Market in the centre of Derby.

This market was set up by Sheena Holland who runs a vintage shop in the Blacksmith's Yard which is where the market sets up the first Saturday of every month.  Sheena has been working incredibly hard to advertise the market and get the word out there, and she's done a fantastic job!

The nerves began as soon as I woke up so by the time I set off to the market I was a bit of a mess.  I just couldn't shake the feeling it was going to be yet another failure, and when you love what you do every failure feels so much harder to take.  Once I'd set up and had a little chat with the lady on the stall next to me I felt calmer, the sun was shining too and it was set to be a wonderful day.  If things didn't go to plan at least I would enjoy a day out in the fresh air and get a little sun after weeks of being inside working.

I'm pleased to say it went really really well, I not only covered my stall (which I didn't even manage at previous craft fairs!), I made money!  Everyone was so positive and it was lovely to hear what people thought about my work.  I met a local photographer who is going to help me get some fantastic product photos, chatted to other artists and illustrators, was invited to another craft fair and even gained another stockist!  So all in all one a brilliant day, I can't wait for the next one!

My stall on the day

Some of the personalised children's prints I took


  1. Congrats Emma, great news :)! All your hard work is starting to pay off x

  2. Thanks, I just read your 3 posts about your stall attempts and it has made me feel better. im in the process of making my own business and im currently tryin to find all the products I want to sell etc so I'm not at a stage to do craft fairs yet but someday I will b and it kinda scares me :p I'm glad to hear other peoples stories to no what I'm in for in the future. Congrats on doin well on this one, got my fingers crossed for you for any more u do :)

    1. Hello! It's always good to hear you aren't alone whether the experiences are good or bad, I'm glad my posts have helped you and good luck for your future craft fairs!