Friday 22 October 2010

Designer of the Week! Linda Florence

Each week (once I get myself all sorted out I'll set up a certain day of the week for this) I'm going to show you a designer that inspires me.  This may not interest some of you, so every now and then I'll be sure to find a crazy designer that will make your jaw drop (so I hope).

This week is a fantastic designer who is one of the unique designers who have taken it a level further than simple patterns on paper or fabric, Linda Florence.  She's not just a wallpaper designer either, she's an artist.  Producing interactive wallpaper and flooring as well as installation art.

Below is just one of her pieces, a magnetic wallpaper that people can doodle on using magnets.
Here she's produced scratchcard wallpaper where the bright pattern is revealed once the foil has been 2p'd off.  I keep getting images of piles of foil on the floor of your newly decorated room when I saw this wallpaper, it definatly sparks some inspiration though.

My favorite design of hers is this one though.  It combines the scratchcard effect with intricate detail.  I love the big bold motif against the tiny designs behind, only slightly visible through them.  Using foil it makes the colours differ from every angle.  Just looking at this image gives me loads of ideas and pathways to go down for my current project (which you can see in my last blog post).

I'd love to hear from you about what designers influence you and inspire you, which ones spark off your imagination, or any that you find interesting or unique.  Please comment below and let me know!

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