Friday, 15 October 2010

New to blogging - New to being an adult

I have finally joined the world of blogging.  After noticing that other people's blogs are where i get my most facinating of research and inspiration for my designs, i've decided to set up my own to hopefully inspire others.  As soon as I sat ready to write my first blog I paused, not knowing what on earth to write.  Suddenly I have to take note of how I write and how I word each sentence, and the punctuation, I never realised i was so bad at it!  I've already had to go back through what ive written 3 times because I keep noticing mistakes, and I've only written a paragraph.
I can see how people get sucked into the world of writing your thoughts down for others to read, Facebook isn't nearly as exciting anymore.  Updating your status for your friends to see just isn't enough.  We all need to promote ourselves now, get ourselves out there into the world.  You won't get far in finding a job by updating your status to your friends.
Once we get to University things move on at a hell of a speed, first year flies by as we're enjoying going out, socialising and getting to know as many people as we possibly can.  The all nighters the night before a deadline and the horrific hangovers in those 9am lectures after a night out are definatly not some of the highlights.  However as long as we get that all important 40% to get us into second year we realise we actually have to work now.  In the first week the tutors seemed to throw so much work at us I had visions of me spending every minute of every day in the library or the studio, it felt like tons!  Either that or it was just the shock from not having any work over the summer and suddenly being thrown back into it, aswell as having a lazy first year at uni.
This year it's all about getting ourselves out there, promoting ourselves as designers and showing how we can bring people to our blogs/facebook pages/twitter pages/online portfolios.  Last year I was an insignificant student who felt like a kid without a care in the world, the more fun and less work I had, the better.  I always thought the future would be gradual, working my way up to a job, getting experience and building my work up before promoting myself and actually having to find one.  Before I knew it, it was here.

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