Thursday 17 January 2013

I've gone Efuto mad!!

I was recently involved in a picture envelope swap with a lot of the girls who took The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course with me.  The designs were then put into a directory which you can find if you click on 'The little white book of surface pattern designers' in the top right corner of my blog =) Since then I have been drawing patterns on all of my envelopes! I'd love to make this into a project but am trying to get my head around a way of going about it.  It would be lovely to post images of patterned envelopes I send to people and showcase ones that are sent back!  Once I have figured out what this project will consist of I will tell you all!

As for now here are a few of the most recent envelopes I have sent, One to Rachael Taylor as a thank you because I won a competition of hers and she sent me some lovely prizes!  Rachaels Designs are bright and bold so I went bright and bold with this pattern.

one to Tamsin Seed of Studio Seed who I also won a competition from and she sent me some beautiful prizes too!

And this one went to a family friend as a thank you for some Christmas presents she sent.

So seeing as though I have this designing obsession is there anyone else who would like to receive a little surprise in their mailbox?? Please leave a comment below!  Maybe I should try and collect mailart from around the world, one from each country and I'll always send one in return!  If anyone has any suggestions as to how I should go about this then I'd be happy to hear them!

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