Sunday 10 March 2013

An interesting find of some old Art work!

I've always loved to draw and paint but haven't sat down and dragged my paints out from the back of my art closet for quite some time.  I recently went home and whilst rummaging through my parents garage I came across some of my old art sketchbooks so thought I'd share some of my favourite pieces with you.  It's nice to see how my style has evolved and how I have improved, these also sparked off some new ideas for techniques to try out in surface pattern =)

First up is one of my favourite pieces, which sadly I didn't get the chance to keep but I have a few photos from when I painted it so I can show you!  I took a photo of my sister and zoomed in on her eyes.  I was very influenced by pop art at the time, which is why this piece is in that style.  I'm hoping to paint another copy some day so I can give it to Sophie as a gift =)

Next is a project I did whilst I was at University as part of an Art module.  We weren't given a theme, and I seem to remember having a huge amount of work to do for other modules at the time of this deadline and saw a pile of shoes in my halls which is where this theme came from.  My style had been very controlled up until this module and it was such a nice change to loosen up and be free with my brush strokes.

Here are a few pieces from A level Art

My home reflected in my eye

Self Portraits


Quick painted Self Portrait

Pop Art, Fruit themed painting

If anyone else has any old art work, paintings, designs then I would love to showcase them alongside your newest work, it is a fantastic way to see how you have improved or find new themes/techniques you can use in your future work!

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