Friday 1 March 2013

February end of month review

Hello and welcome to the end of February review, it's always good to look back and see what you have accomplished the past month aswell as lining out some plans for the next month.

Best thing to happen this month

To kick off this review I'll start with some great things that happened this month, I won not one, but two amazing giveaways.  These were for two fabulous books! The first giveaway was from Tammie Bennett for the absolutely amazing book 'A Field Guide to Fabric Design'.  From a quick flick through this book I found a fantastic tip to help with my designing and am looking forward to having a sit down with a cup of tea to have a good read through when I find the time!

The second was by Kate Marsden for the book 'A Material World' which is full of wonderful crafty knowledge and feeds my handmade side =)

Features this month

I was lucky enough to have two lovely features written about me this month, one as part of Dawn Clarkson of Nice and Fancy's Dream Designs.  This is where she shows a designers favourite design and our dream of where it would be for.  You can read that post here.

The second was an interview I took part in with Faye Brown (who will be featured on here later this month!) which you can find here.

A big thank you to these two ladies!

Artist of the month

I have come across a number of artists and designers this month but am keeping some for future blog posts, one thing that I came across was some Urban Geode Street Art.  I'm a fan of the unusual and this fits that catagory, you can see what I mean below.  Paige Smith creates these little 'Geodes' into urban areas, it was the geometric shapes that grabbed me and they would make some interesting drawings and possible future patterns!

Favourite posts from February

For my two favourite posts this month I've picked the new greetings card designs, although I haven't finished these I am planning to get some printed fairly soon and this is a step in the right direction to getting myself out there as a designer and earning some money!

The second is my first etsy finds (which there will be more of this month), it's good to do some market research and I loved finding other interesting designs that were selling well on etsy.  It helped me decide which of my designs may work well as wrapping paper.

Coming up in March

Coming up this month will be some more new designs, I like to keep you all in the loop and bring out new designs every now and then to show you all, it also helps to look back and rework a design if I'm not entirely happy with it.  I've also got a post about some of my old art work (which was meant to be in February but I didn't venture home until just this week!)  The efuto swap is going ahead this month too, so I'll be able to show you some beautifully designs envelopes and hopefully some more people will get in touch if you want to swap with me =) Who doesn't want to receive pretty mail?!

My main goal for this month is to get some designs together and have them printed as greetings cards so I can finally see how my designs sell!  Fingers crossed I reach this goal, I'll keep you posted!

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  1. lots of great stuff going on emma! glad you enjoyed the book!