Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A mini side money making adventure

I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of scrapbooking papers and how you can sell them digitally via Etsy.  What a wonderful idea! So I have set to making some pretty patterned papers that I can put on sale and see how it goes.  Today I had my second Etsy sale so wanted to share it with you! =) have a look at them here.

There is much more to selling digital files than just pretty patterned papers, you can also design clip art images too, which seem fairly popular judging by how well some of the sellers are doing.

For my first pack I used a simple motif I had drawn and arranged them into varying patterns with a couple of colourways and a few polka dot patterns to add some coordinating patterns that weren't as busy.  I'm so please with this first pack and envision many more to come.  Here are some of the papers from this pack, I also made up some polka dot packs with plenty of different colours that are perfect for printing off do decorate, scrapbook, use for school projects and many other crafty goodness!

Pretty illustrations based on Cornflowers

The simple but effective Candy and Vibrant coloured Polka Dots!

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