Tuesday 30 April 2013

Beautiful Inky Florals of Charis Harrison

I have a brief coming up that will be based around the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 trend of 'Midnight Garden.  This theme is all about huge flower heads, inky colours, intense colour, single blooms and watercolours.  Whilst doing a little research behind this trend to get an idea of where to go with it I came across a wonderful artist!

Charis Harrison is the artist behind these pieces, and they are truly beautiful pieces of art, they would work fantastically in interiors aswell as fashion and I'm blown away by the bold intense colours and the imperfections.  I'd love to go down this route of getting the watercolours out and having a messy arty session, to fit with the 'Midnight Garden' theme I'd like to tryout dark backgrounds and larger flowerheads.

I'll show you my creations nearer to the Pin Hop (a little like a blog hop but on Pinterest, don't worry I'll keep you noted so you can see everyones designs!)  Now for Charis Harrison's work...

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