Tuesday 30 July 2013

Love is in the air! Tigerprint Competition

Yesterday I entered the most recent Tigerprint competition! I haven't entered it in a while and I quite liked the theme this time, ideas where flying through my head as soon as I saw it was Love & Marriage.

So I sat down to brainstorm some ideas, I thought about the wedding side of it and everything connected to it.  From big things like the getaway car and the cake to the little details like the bouquets of flowers and the 'Something Blue'.  After some initial sketches I had about 4 different designs (you can enter 5) but with some changes to colour and layout I had plenty to choose from.  I thought I'd give you a little look at my final 5 aswell as the design I didn't pick, most of them are in repeats and are ideal for anything from wrapping paper to giftbags and more.  If none of these designs win then I'm all set up to launch my own wedding collection! But keep your fingers crossed for me anyway =)

I kept the colour palettes bright and light as I think of weddings as really happy and joyful times so feel the colours should reflect this.  I always see wedding cards in golds and silvers but much prefer loads of colours instead! What do you think?

Just Married

Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Repeat

Pastel Bouquets

Something Blue

And the design I decided not to go with but love regardless...
Bold Bouquets

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