Monday 8 July 2013

What's been going on recently...

Well I have quite a bit going on and so many plans I just don't know where to start!!

First up my newest, most exciting bit of news, my designs are now up and live on the Kekacase website!
It is such an amazing feeling to know people around the world may have my designs on their Ipad and Kindle cases.  Just click on the image below to see my designs on the cases! =)

Secondly I have a little snippet from Ruth McAllister of Quincy Lampshades, she has photographed the printed versions of the designs she chose and you can see below my 'Windswept' design (2nd one down).  What a gorgeously rich pink colour it is! It will look fantastic on lampshades and I will share some photos of the final products when they are made up.

Now for what will be coming up in the next month or so, I am currently taking part in Tigerprints 'Gifted' competition where they have a different theme for each day for about a month and you have to produce a design for those themes.  Quite a task! You don't have to do every single day though so I am going to pick the ones that jump out at me and inspire me the most.  I will definitely show you some of my sketches and ideas in the next week as there are quite a few themes that take my fancy =)

I will also be showcasing some of my wonderful designer friends work and catching up with some designers that I have interviewed in the past to see how they are doing on their creative journey and what their future plans are!

There are many things in the pipeline and I can't wait to share everything with you all! So to keep in the loop you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter or even follow this blog! =) Don't miss out!


  1. Well done Emma. Loads happening with you and very exciting!

  2. Wow Emma that's amazing, although not surprising.

  3. That is amazing Emma = Congratulations!!!

  4. Congratulations Emma!! Your designs look fabulous!! So excited for you!!