Friday 22 November 2013

Christmas Card Showcase!

This weekend I have two craft fairs and will be selling my Christmas cards myself for the first time! I'm so nervous but it will hopefully be a great experience and I'll gain some valuable feedback.

So I have gathered together some of my designer friends Christmas cards to showcase to you today, if you haven't bought your Christmas cards yet then have a look at this lovely collection and you may find something that catches your eye!  It's really important that we help support small independent businesses, and yes our prices may be higher than high street retailers but there has been a lot of time and love that has gone into these designs.  You will also have something rather unique as they aren't on the shelves of many shops!  Even if you just buy one or two to send to a few special people it shows your support in what we do.

First up is Rosie Simons, with jazzy christmas colours and beautiful typography!

Ruth Thorp's simple illustrations look wonderful in two colours

Jessica Wilde's doodle style Christmas cards are really unique in lovely bright colours

Applemint Designs's Christmas cards are beautifully designed with such a soft Christmas colour palette

Sam Osbourne's cards feature Christmassy quotes from Winnie the Pooh, Buddy the Elf and The Grinch, together with cute little doodled illustrations!

Gooseberry Moon's cards are so delicate they say exactly what you need to at this time of year, she also has a berry patterned one here

Claire Lordon's Animal Pun Christmas cards have prooved very popular this Christmas and you can see why!

Nika Martinez has teamed up with Mariam Tronchoni to deliver this beautiful Christmas card!

Slumbermonkey Designs hand printed style Christmas cards in wonderfully warm Christmassy colours

Michelle Nilson's Candy Cottage Christmas card is an array of bold and beautiful colours

Liz May's Red Robin card is simple and cute

Faye Brown's beautiful Typographical cards that I featured earlier in the week!

And finally my own collection is available on my Etsy store! So there are plenty of beautiful designs for you to choose from!


  1. Thanks for featuring my cards! I love this selection, beautiful stuff.

  2. Thank you for featuring my Animal Pun Christmas cards! All these cards are amazing! Everyone is so talented!

  3. Oh I love them all! All so gorgeous, yet so different! Thanks so much for featuring mine :) Great post! Feeling very Christmassy.

  4. Thank you for including my cards in such a wonderful selection!