Friday, 8 November 2013

Designer Feature: Jennifer Lee Designs

To make up for my lack of blogposts over the last couple of weeks I'll give you two in one day!

Today I have a fellow course mate from the University of Leeds, we studied Textile Design together so I'm so pleased to be featuring Jennifer today!

Jennifer knew she wanted to be a designer when she studied Art and Design and Textile Design at A level, but at the time didn't know which route to pursue.  She ended up doing a foundation degree at Chelsea College of Art and Designs where she tried out a range of design areas from Media to Fashion to Textiles.  This lead her onto study Textile Design at Leeds University (with me!).

Since then she has had tons of amazing work experiences from Harrods, to Sanderson, Vanderhurd to Camille Walala.  She is currently working as a freelance artist for Surface Print Source aswell as designing her own ranges aswell.  I'm sure there will be loads to come from Jennifer in the future.

So why did you want to become a designer and what is it you like about patterns?

When I was younger I don't think I had an intention of becoming a designer, it just fell into place as it seemed to be the one thing I was really good at in school/  As time went on and I noticed improvements in my work, that's when I thought Textiles is the subject I'm going to follow.  Now after University I know that being a designer is all I want to do.  It doesn't feel like doing work, it's just an enjoyment.  I enjoy the thought of having my designs in peoples homes and making them look better.  Any room that I walk into, straight away I think what could I do to make it better and picture my designs in there.

My favourite thing about patterns is the scale you can use.  I prefer patterns that are bold and make a statement, scale is most important - the bigger the better!  Especially if you have a beautifully coloured design with intricate motifs, then the colours will look amazing.

How would you describe your style and what is your favourite medium to work with?

I'd say my style is commercial but different, my last collection of butterflies and flowers was very colourful but I did still like to use large scale.  If I know I could get away with it, I would have motifs as large as a metre maybe.  My style is either very realistic like my butterflies, or fluid like my tribal collection.  i begin a design with drawing which I prefer to do in black pen as it' easier to translate dark consistent lines onto Illustrator.  I use pencil occasionally but it doesn't work so well once on the computer.  I do also like using inks as the colours are so vivid.

What inspires you and where do you find your inspiration?

Pinterest is my favourite place of inspiration.  The images are always so well presented and in such great quality compared to Google.  It also allows me to create boards for future projects so that I don't forget any ideas.  I also use magazines to inspire me whether it is Vogue, Elle, Marie Clair, House & Gardens or Country Living.  Even though I like to design with interiors in mind, fashion is still very important in informing me.  My main source of influence is colour - this is my starting point.

You can find more of Jennifer's work at her website here!

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