Monday 20 January 2014

Some Tropical Fusion Bloghop picks!

As promised I have picked out some of my favourites from the Tropical Fusion bloghop that is happening at the moment.  It was so hard to pick which ones to showcase because they really were all wonderful designs and all of the participants have worked so hard to put this together for everyone to enjoy.  If you haven't got time to hop through all of the blogposts you can see some of the work below but I really recommend you do so you can see everyones beautiful designs!

You can also find a full list of the participants on Groovity's blog, below her lovely work.  This way you can easily find where you are if you're unable to find the next link!

 Mary Tanana of Groovity Designs

 Maike Thoma of PatternJots

 Onneke's wonderful take on the theme!

 Tina Devins of Dreaming on a Star

 Lesley Todd from Finch Five

 Claire Lordon's cute characters!

 Creative Doodlez beautiful mock up of her patterns

And finally Surface Hug's delicate motifs!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my collection Emma! Great selection of designs here and my list of favourites would definitely have included these too but you're right, it's so hard to choose from such an amazing wealth of pattern design on the Blog Hop!

  2. Hi Emma, What a beautiful showcase of fabulous designs. I love all of the designs that you have chosen here, and agree its hard to choose which ones to feature.

  3. Hi Emma, I just came across your post. Thanks so much for featuring my design and I love the others you have chosen xx

  4. Wow, just googling and saw this post, a belated thanks Emma Frances Design!