Thursday 30 January 2014

Valentines Day Card Showcase

It is now just over two weeks to Valentines Day! I know some of you will be completely against this day and how commercialised it has become and part of me agrees with you.  It's madness when you walk into the supermarkets and there is almost a full aisle full of red and pink.  For me it's not about all of that, it's not about buying your boyfriend or girlfriend expensive gifts that are supposed to show how much you love each other.  It's a day of celebrating your love for each other, and there is no better way than writing down what they mean to you in a simple card.  It says 1000 times more than that bunch of flowers you rushed to buy on your way home from work or those expensive earrings you've bought her.  Although those things are always appreciated!

Instead take a few minutes and write them a heart felt note inside one of these unique Valentine's cards!

First up is my own creation for Valentine's day with a bit of love heart confetti

Faye Brown's wonderful typographic Valentines card!

This is Jessica Wilde's wonderful illustration

 JLWIllustration's cute birdie love.
With a gorgeous colour palette and 4 different designs to choose from!

Ruth Thorp's delicate style translates beautifully into her Valentine's collection

One of my Etsy finds was this beauty from Print Stitch and Paste

Sam Osborne has a great selection of unique Valentine's cards
She also has a printable collection you can print off at home!

Another Etsy find is this personalised one for long distance relationships by PattonPrints

Emily Mcdowell Draws has a great selection of amazing Valentine's cards!
Very funny and a bit different to your usual ones.

Applemint Designs has put together personalised message in a bottle!

Acadreamia have a beautiful illustrated collection

Anchobee's cute kitten cards come in packs of three so you can send them to family too!

And last but not least Slumbermonkey have a collection of printable cards you can print off at home


  1. What a fantastic collection of cards! Thank you so much for featuring my printables!

  2. I love them all! Thank you for featuring my little sleepy cat!

  3. Great selection here Emma! thank you for including mine x

  4. These are so fabulous! I love them all!

  5. Wow what a fantastic collection and gorgeous post. Well done on the lovely designs everyone and thank you for including my little lovebirds! :)