Monday 22 November 2010

63 charity shops later......

I know its been a while! but 2 weeks, over 60 charity shops later, hour upon hour of worrying about the costumes, and I managed to get them all ready for the show!  The show went on last week so now I'm worrying over my work never ends.

The old dears in the charity shops now know me by name, I visited them that often!!  I'm happy to say the show went amazingly well, no problems and everyone seemed happy with the costumes.  I've got a couple of photos to show you, they arn't amazing quality and I need to get hold of some better images, but you can get an idea of how they looked.

I can't think of any entertaining stories to tell you, apart from I had to help with a quick change for one of the girls and she forgot to tell me she'd be changing back again for the next scene, so I was incredibly close to walking off with her clothes, lucky she caught me.

I'll get my Textile designs updated to show you too, not long left now!! 2 weeks until hand in!

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