Monday 22 November 2010

Work with 2 weeks to go!!!

Quick update of my work so far, let me know what you think! because just over a week i'll be cutting them out of fabric with the laser cutter!

Below I've put a series of patterns which all came from this vine motif, I used photoshop and Illustrator to work up the patterns, I need to decide which to use as my final designs.  I'm going to cut out the black part from my choice of fabric and then bond it to a background fabric to make it stronger. These will then be used as a lacey dress fabric.
 I've then put this into repeat so its a continuous pattern.

The difference between the pattern above and the pattern below is the one below I've dropped every other column down a little on the image below. (Just incase you couldn't see the difference, I was a little confused myself when I first put them on here haha!)

 I thought the images above were almost a little too busy, but used in small quantities as decoration on a bodice or part of a garment would be quite effective.

 These designs look much better because the gaps and white space make the intricate designs stand out much better.  So in this case less is more.
 This is going to be one of my final designs, It'll be cut out and bonded to another piece of fabric. I have a feeling it's going to be incredibly delicate which is why I'm bonding it to a backing fabric so it can be used to make garments.
 Please let me know what you think!

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