Friday 4 October 2013

Designer Feature: Jolene Heckman

We have Jolene Heckman and her lovely work this morning.  Jolene has always loved to make things and had been constantly creating since childhood.  She would often sit in her mum’s painting room where she was inspired by the passion, creativity and beauty that surrounded her.  Her mum gives her the confidence and drive to create.  I know my family inspire me a lot and they invoke the exact same in me as Jolene’s mum does for her.  It’s important to have people around you that encourage you!

Jolene worked as a dynamic marketer in the world of product design for many years, but after years of travelling the world to seek out new trends and create innovative products she now finds herself seeking out her true passion of design.

Why do you want to be a designer and what do you like about patterns?

My whole life I’ve had a love for colour, pattern and design.  I am drawn to bold graphic prints and bursts of colour.  Fun patterns and colour just make me smile!

How would you describe your style and what is your favourite medium to work with?

My designs always begin with my passion for colour, I love to create fresh, new and unexpected colour combinations.  It often drives my creative process and designs.  The majority of my designs are done on the computer but I do like to fill a sketchbook with doodles as well.

What inspires you and where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everywhere.  These days it mostly comes from spending my days with my joyful, artistic and imaginative little girls.


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