Friday 25 October 2013

Designer Feature: Rosie Simons

I have the lovely Rosie Simons today and I absolutely love her work!  Her style is hand drawn and her colour palettes are always so bright and cheerful.  With cute little motifs they would look perfect on a huge range of products!

Rosie has studied a lot of different areas of design over the years and really enjoyed painting and creating texture at school.  She has alway had a passion for fabrics, patterns and textiles so studied Fine Art and Textiles at college.  By a twist of fate she didn't do very well in some of her non art based AS levels so her tutor advised her to take up Graphic Design in her second year alongside her other design A levels.  She didn't know anything about Graphic Design but loved it from the very first class.

She then moved onto study a Foundation year where she explored many different areas of design, following this she studied Graphic Design at The London College of Communication.  In her second year she was given the opportunity to study with the lead tutor of the Surface Pattern Design degree which is where she taught herself to create repeating patterns.  She spent a year out on work placements as part of her university degree where she worked in a variety of jobs from marketing design to book layouts to screen printing.  So she has a huge range of different design skills!  In between all these placements she found time to work on her own projects and found herself creating patterns, just because she enjoyed it.  When she went back to finish her degree she tailored her final projects around her new found love for Surface Pattern.  After graduating she went on to take Rachael Taylors online course 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' and started working for herself, which is a dream come true!

So Rosie why did you want to become a designer and what do you like about patterns?

I've always been creative and always loved drawing, colour and pattern.  I used to admire the pattern products in Paperchase and think 'I'd love to do that one day' never realising that it would actually be possible!

How would you describe your style and what is your favourite medium to work in?

I have a passion for both graphics and surface pattern and my style incorporates both these passions, a simple and clean but colourful aesthetic combining simple graphic illustrations and typography.  I love to experiment with colour, textures and pattern within my prints.  My favourite way to work is drawing and then scanning in and live tracing my drawings and developing my designs from there.

What inspires you and where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration in all sorts of places, I can quite often be walking to the shops and will suddenly stop to take a picture of a leaf or drain cover (I'm doing this all the time!), I see shapes and patterns in everything and this helps to keep me inspired.  If I'm feeling uninspired I will take myself off for a walk, sometimes in town, sometimes in the local woods and just open my eyes up to everything around me!

Twitter: @rosie_simons

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