Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Whats been going on recently

Just a bit of a catch up today, and a look at what I've been up to recently.  First up some of my newest designs, I've been designing for children quite a lot recently and I have the perfect person to run them by.  My 8 year old brother has a look at my boys designs for me and is turning into quite the art critic!

Here is part of one collection I've been working on:

I've also been out on a bit of an inspiration venture to the local garden centre.  Such a perfect place to get loads of floral imagery, even at this time of year there are plenty of plants still flowering and tons of pattern inspiration!  Here are just a few of the photographs I captured, if you are stuck for inspiration and are sick of being in front of a screen then taking a walk with your camera or seeing what attractions or shops are in the area will get you away from the screen and help you with your designing.

I also sent my snail mail friend a pretty piece of mail which I'm hoping she received, making these envelopes always give me new motif ideas for future patterns.  It's nice to know I'm brightening someones day with some pretty mail.

Oh and I couldn't resist sharing this!  I went to a pick your own farm shop recently and there was a field of Pumpkins, I just loved how they were all sat in the field together, and it is quite fitting as Halloween is the next holiday in line.

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