Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Getting back into the swing of it again!

I am finally reunited with the internet! Wow it has been a tough and rather boring two weeks.

I didn't realise how much I rely on the internet for running and building Emma Frances, I've been able to get to my emails and check how things are ticking over through my phone but emailing people takes soooo long and then there is the possibility of auto correct messing up a business proposal!  I spent the first week finishing off designs I'd begun and then the weekend we travelled back home but last week was the longest week ever.  I rely massivly on the internet for gathering inspiration and although I can get that away from the computer screen it is quite difficult to feel inspired when it's raining and windy outside and you've no maps of the new area to find your way around.  So I began by sketching from photos on my compueter, but I'd already used a lot of them for past projects so that didn't last long.  Next I flicked through loads of my magazines and books which gave me some good ideas but again didn't last long.  In the end I gave up and spent the rest of the week cleaning the house and knitting.  Exciting I know.

Monday was supposed to be internet day so I waited around (with my knitting) for the little red light to change to green which meant I could emerse myself in the world of surface pattern once more!

It didn't happen.

Internet day came and went and the next morning the light was still red.  Boooooo.  My fingers were aching from the knitting, how do you prevent that? I end up with a strange claw for a hand after a while.  By this time I was going a little stir crazy from uncreativeness and the miserable weather so did some pilates in the front room to help me feel semi productive and as I was about to begin the little light switched to green. HURRAY!  I still did my pilates then spent the rest of the evening trawling through as much of the internet as I could and filling my head with tons of new ideas.  I've got about a million plans for this year and I can finally get back in gear and get going with it all.  Lots to keep you updated with!

Oh and now I'm back to work the sun is shining gloriously outside....typical.

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