Friday, 28 January 2011

Second term and a project as big as Lord of the rings itself

So second term has started with a bang, our textile project is based on the theme Journeys.

I didn't have a clue where to begin, the theme isn't exactly the most inspiring of topics, but once you get thinking, I could go in almost any direction.  One of the starting points could be a film, so I've chosen Lord of the Rings.

I admit, I feel like a bit of a geek with this choice but there arn't many other journeys as epic and adventurous as this one, so I have pretty much free reign.

Im basing my designs on the places the ring travels through, for those of you who havn't seen the first film, definitely watch it! It's brilliant!  Then you might have some idea of what I'm going to be on about.

The best part of this project is my research...watching the film!

Here are a few dresses that are inspiring me, giving me some ideas of where to start.  All the big designers, Alexander Mcqueen, Jean Paul Gautier, John Galliano, etc.

And of course the crazy style queen herself, Lady Gaga

This week I've just been taking photos that i can work from, so I've not got anything exciting to show you just yet.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

I hope this shocks you!

I've recently been doing some research for an exam I'm taking next week, I've been looking into energy sources.  You can imagine where this is going, but I read an article that actually scared me a little.

We are the most advanced being we know, we've managed to get man on the moon, we've invented some pretty amazing technologies, we've built ourselves up to where we are today.  Yet when it comes to our future survival we seem to be naive and believe that if it's not going to happen in our lifetime why should we worry about it.

Did you know most equipment, electronics, clothes, plastics, vehicles, in fact anything that is manufactured uses oil, if not in the final product, definitely in the process to make it.

Farming equipment, pesticides and fertilisers all use oil to make them, so when the oil runs out what will happen to food production?
And with the increase in population and demand for food....

Even renewable energy sources use oil to build them, the wind turbines for example, so without oil how are we going to be able to sustain ourselves or make any energy?

One thing I have never got my head around is you see these plastic toys on the TV, aimed at parents to buy for their kids.  The amount of resources that go into making just one of them, it's astounding.  Then once the child grows out of the toy it's thrown away, into landfill most probably.

The governments need to stand up and take charge and it baffles me why they don't, surely they can see we are running out of resources and need to put funding into renewable energies?

I've always felt strongly about wanting to help the world in someway, not to add to the chaos, and now I believe I've found something I want to apply to my textile designing.  We may not be experts in technology and be able to invent new sources of energy (although some of you may be!) but we can do our part to help.  In our role as designers we have the opportunity to make our designing impact the world in a good way instead of add to the depletion of resources.

People need to think a little more about how their actions will change the future, maybe not for them, but for their children or grandchildren (the way oil is depleting it could be in our lifetime though).  If this got through to even one person then I'm pleased, we need a jolt to get us to realise and change things before it's too late.

Sorry if this feels like a lecture, I just had to get it off my chest, please read the article in the link at the top of this post and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Amazing Body Artist Emma Hack

Whilst surfing the net I came across this incredible body artist!

Emma Hack doesn't confine herself to a normal canvas, she paints straight onto the body (using special paints that won't harm her models obviously).  I love her attention to detail and her precision. I don't know how she does it but she has a keen eye to be able to transform the 2D pattern on to the curves of the women.  Yet it still looks like the pattern of the background.  Amazing!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Where to find the motivation

Well my heart has flown back to America, so it's a little more difficult than usual to motivate myself.  I managed to get an essay and a 15 page project done, but I'm all worn out, so revision just doesn't seem possible at this moment in time.

I just wondered how people motivate themselves?
Watch some tv, anything in particular? comedy, action, adventure.....horror (Not that that would motivate anyone)
Read an inspirational book?
Annnnnything that will help me get myself into action tomorrow....I've given up on work tonight, definitely not happening.
I'm far too busy watching The American Office, which is hilarious for anyone who hasn't seen it!

Hellllp meeee

Friday, 7 January 2011

Oooh la la Fashion tights

Happy new year everyone!
I'm back to blogging, over the Christmas holidays I helped out in a lingerie shop, so this post has been inspired by that, probably a post more for the girls, so I'll make it up to the lads with a boy friendly post next.
The shop sold some interesting tights and stockings and so I've had a look around at some creatively patterned ones for you to take a peek at.

Some are beautiful, some are original and some are just weird.

I also found a little tutorial to go with the pair of tights above, it shows you how to make your own pair of Miu Miu tights.  I'll definitely be trying it out in my spare time! I'll let you know how it goes.