Monday, 29 October 2012

Patterns for boys

I've recently designed a collection for boys which I wanted to share with you today.  I was lucky enough to have someone to show my designs to who happened to be perfect for this particular brief.  My little brother approved of my designs before I sent them off and gave me very honest feedback, he loved them all and is now wanting his room full of these patterns.

The theme was vehicles and I knew straight away I wanted to focus on farming machines.  Having grown up on a farm and having a little brother who absolutely adores anything related to farming it seemed like the logical choice.

Patterns on the Farm

Harvest Time

Thursday, 25 October 2012

A bit of pattern research

While I was out shopping I kept coming across patterns and inspiration for crafts and designs, so thought I'd share my findings with you and hopefully inspire a few.

A little market research has given me a lot of inspiration and a few ideas for Christmas pressies for the family =)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Iconemesis iphone case submissions

Hello all,

I entered a designer open call to the amazing company Iconemesis.

They collaborate with lots of talented designers to produce some very unique cases, so when I heard they were having an open call I got my designs ready and sent them over pronto. You can see their blog post with my designs here.

You can see them below, what do you think?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Little peek at some new designs

I've been working on a brief recently (which I'm sad to say I cannot reveal anything about), but have also managed to produce a few other pieces aswell.  I'll keep this short and just have a showcase of my newest designs.

Enjoy! (and any feeback will be greatly appriciated)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A designers dream bundle by Going home to Roost

I have recently signed up to join the Roost Tribe, for those of you who haven't yet come across this it is a wonderful little bundle of goodies that are sent to you via e-mail a few times a month.  I love designing and although I can design my own patterns and motifs, the ideas that Bonnie Christie sends through the Roost Tribe spark off a lot of ideas in me and I can feel myself getting inspired as soon as I see the email in my inbox.

My favourite part of the September package (You can see below everything that was sent to the Roost Tribe members in September) was that she shared her story with us, it was so inspiring and it has given me hope that as a small individual designer fresh out of university, I too can succeed.  Hearing of her struggles and the journey she has been on as a creative was just what I needed to hear.  It has helped me realise that this journey won't be easy, but if I put the time, effort and passion that I have for designing into it then it will be worth it.

The best part is that all of this only costs $5 a month (£3.18)
Sign up here
Here is a sneak peek at what we got in September:

Here you can see roughly what type of goodies you will get each month:

Along with all of the above you also get access to all of the below!