Sunday, 31 October 2010

Work Update!

I've got a deadline on Tuesday for my design work, just to see how we're getting on and what direction we need to go in next.

So this week I've been scanning my work into my computer and getting it ready to be laser cut onto the fabric I choose.  It's all speeding along pretty fast, but I'm enjoying the project so I just hope it all ends up looking good.

Below are my newest drawings, I hand cut parts of them out to see how it would look when laser cut, and I have to say I'm quite happy with the results, but please let me know what you think.  You tend to like your own work, sadly thats not how it works out in the design world, it's the people who will buy it that you need to target.

The black shapes are where I've cut through, I just put black card behind the gaps so they would stand out when I scanned them.  Also if some of them seem to not quite fit together it's because I used an A4 scanner (all I could get hold of at this time) and slotted them together in Photoshop.  I will of course tweek these on Illustrator in the next couple of weeks.

So I now need to put together 2 collections, so I thought i'd base one around the vines and maybe small details in the background that have been cut out.  Then the second on bigger shapes, like the first design at the top.  Not sure how i'd do that with a laser cutter though.

Below is the vine drawing from before, and this is how it would work in repeat, so now imagine it as a fabric, pretty neat ey?  They arn't neatly linked together because I'm going to sort that out on Illustrator, but it's just to give you an idea of how it will look.
I'll do some designs for if it was used in clothing at some point, probably after my work has been checked over.  I want to know I'm at least going in the right direction.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Words of Wisdom

I'm going to share with you all any words of wisdom that I come up with, hopefully they will help you out in some way (but most of us never listen to advice when were told it, do we, honestly?).

I'm now living in a house instead of student accommodation, so I live on a street, whereas last year I lived in a flat.  When I was driving back from picking up a friend from the train station I reparked my car (parallel parking) and realised that i've had to do more parallel parking than I ever thought I would.  You may think some skills will never be useful or you won't use them very often, but then they sneak up on you and suddenly you have to use random skills quite often. 

Where I'm trying to go with this little story of mine is take advantage of learning any skill you can, I barely remember learning to parallel park and so it's taken me a good few weeks of having to use that form of parking to be able to do it well (just imagine a lot of back and forth, back and forth, and on a hill too, it can get stressful). 

If you collect as many skills as you can whenever the opportunity arises then it gives you an edge on others.  I'm looking at this from a bigger picture point of view, not just parking, because lets be honest, parking isnt the most important of skills, or one employers look for in a person (unless your going into the lorry driving buisness, or one like it).  It's all about being a bit different these days, being original and unique so employers will choose you over the 100's of other applicants. 

So if an opportunity comes around where you can gain an extra skill or two (for example, from joining a society or taking a short course, or even volunteering) then go for it, it'll be worth it in the end when your the one with the job!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Designer of the Week! Linda Florence

Each week (once I get myself all sorted out I'll set up a certain day of the week for this) I'm going to show you a designer that inspires me.  This may not interest some of you, so every now and then I'll be sure to find a crazy designer that will make your jaw drop (so I hope).

This week is a fantastic designer who is one of the unique designers who have taken it a level further than simple patterns on paper or fabric, Linda Florence.  She's not just a wallpaper designer either, she's an artist.  Producing interactive wallpaper and flooring as well as installation art.

Below is just one of her pieces, a magnetic wallpaper that people can doodle on using magnets.
Here she's produced scratchcard wallpaper where the bright pattern is revealed once the foil has been 2p'd off.  I keep getting images of piles of foil on the floor of your newly decorated room when I saw this wallpaper, it definatly sparks some inspiration though.

My favorite design of hers is this one though.  It combines the scratchcard effect with intricate detail.  I love the big bold motif against the tiny designs behind, only slightly visible through them.  Using foil it makes the colours differ from every angle.  Just looking at this image gives me loads of ideas and pathways to go down for my current project (which you can see in my last blog post).

I'd love to hear from you about what designers influence you and inspire you, which ones spark off your imagination, or any that you find interesting or unique.  Please comment below and let me know!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Facebook Group

Hey, if you wanna follow me on facebook, which i'd love you all to, check out my page:!/pages/Emma-Frances-Design/160350687321249

Current Project - Historic Revival

Here we go, finally you get to see some of my design work, my current project.  Historic Revival...sounds thrilling, i know, but once i got into it the ideas poured out.  We each picked an art period from the 1800's and have to use motifs and patterns from that period, but bring them up to date so they could be used today, as wallpaper, funishing fabrics or for clothing.
I've taken inspiration from all over the place, designers of all sorts (which i'll introduce you to in the next few days).
The art periods I chose are Baroque (curves) and the arts and crafts movement (floral).
Below are some drawings of my work so far, let me know what you think, any comments are very welcome.

What to do?

Today we got told we need to focus our online promotion to the field we want to end up in, but what if you don't know yet?  Surely at this age and point in my life I shouldn't limit myself by promoting only some of my skills.  I feel completely confused about which direction to take now, is it interiors or costume design, fashion or textile design.  I was always so sure of what I wanted to be, up until now...
I've sat here for a good 20 minutes now, mulling over what was said in the lecture earlier today, it's completely thrown me, how do people pinpoint what they want to do?

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

A photography project from last term, we had the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins and had to come up with a photo for each.  We couldn't make it obvious though, we had to put the image together in a fun way or where the audience had to think about what the photo meant.
I chose chocolate, and i can tell you, this was the most fun i've had doing an assignment for a long time.  It entailed lots of chocolate eating (for setting up the compositions....obviously) and after i'd finished my cousin and I had plenty to eat to get us through a box set of House M.D!

Here are my Seven Deadly Sins, can you guess which is which?
(answers at the bottom)

A little further down for the answers....
A -Anger
B - Gluttony
C - Greed
D - Jealousy
E - Sloth
F - Lust
G - Pride

Online Portfolio!!

Not complete, but I'm working on it

And so it begins....

I've finally gotten round to uploading photos of my work to promote myself.  It's daunting having to put my drawings up on the net for people to look at and comment on, there are always those who don't like it and criticise your work, stripping it down until you no longer like it very much.  When yesterday you felt it was your best piece so far.  I just have to remember critisism is good, and it will help me on my way to being a top designer (as long as I don't take it to heart).
I keep hearing about other students, who are also doing this module on promoting yourself online, and they all seem to be recieving loads of feedback and one girl is even getting a Photographer asking her for help on his new project.  Said photographer has even got a professional looking website, so he must be good!!  And he's wanting a second year student to do paid work for him!
So in conclusion I feel I need to get my finger out and sort my online portfolio out, then you can all take a good look, and criticise my work all you want (be kind).
Now I wait with bated breath on the edge of my seat for the first comment.....

Friday, 15 October 2010

New to blogging - New to being an adult

I have finally joined the world of blogging.  After noticing that other people's blogs are where i get my most facinating of research and inspiration for my designs, i've decided to set up my own to hopefully inspire others.  As soon as I sat ready to write my first blog I paused, not knowing what on earth to write.  Suddenly I have to take note of how I write and how I word each sentence, and the punctuation, I never realised i was so bad at it!  I've already had to go back through what ive written 3 times because I keep noticing mistakes, and I've only written a paragraph.
I can see how people get sucked into the world of writing your thoughts down for others to read, Facebook isn't nearly as exciting anymore.  Updating your status for your friends to see just isn't enough.  We all need to promote ourselves now, get ourselves out there into the world.  You won't get far in finding a job by updating your status to your friends.
Once we get to University things move on at a hell of a speed, first year flies by as we're enjoying going out, socialising and getting to know as many people as we possibly can.  The all nighters the night before a deadline and the horrific hangovers in those 9am lectures after a night out are definatly not some of the highlights.  However as long as we get that all important 40% to get us into second year we realise we actually have to work now.  In the first week the tutors seemed to throw so much work at us I had visions of me spending every minute of every day in the library or the studio, it felt like tons!  Either that or it was just the shock from not having any work over the summer and suddenly being thrown back into it, aswell as having a lazy first year at uni.
This year it's all about getting ourselves out there, promoting ourselves as designers and showing how we can bring people to our blogs/facebook pages/twitter pages/online portfolios.  Last year I was an insignificant student who felt like a kid without a care in the world, the more fun and less work I had, the better.  I always thought the future would be gradual, working my way up to a job, getting experience and building my work up before promoting myself and actually having to find one.  Before I knew it, it was here.