Tuesday, 14 February 2012

In true Valentines day style

Seeing as though it is officially Valentines day here in the UK I thought I'd do a valentines inspired post, when searching around for unusual valentines gifts and ideas I came across this car, which is a pretty funny story, because my uncle actually bought this car last year!!

Apparently he outbid someone famous for this car (not sure who but I will be sure to find out), I suppose when you've got to have something you've just GOT to have it.
Heres the advert:

Both of these cars were designed and built by Asylum Models and Effects, you can find more information for the heart car and the pea car over on their website!

The car is about 8 foot wide so it's quite a squeeze on our little english country roads, I'm definitely going to have to get my uncle to take me out for a ride in this car!

The same company have also made a pea car!

Happy Valentines day everyone!!!

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