Wednesday 21 March 2012

New design work

Sooo it's been a while coming, here's what I've been up to recently, and by recently I mean weeks ago because I spent the past 4 weeks on my dissertation (even though I was supposed to have started it back in September, but ohhh well).  Which I am very happy to say is completely finished and some poor sod (my dissertation tutor) has to read it.  After a lot of celebrating with wine/cider/vodka I'm back on track with my design work, which is the last project I have to do before I graduate. 

No exams, no essays left, only sitting watching tv and drawing to my hearts content, ye life is pretty good right now.  Although there is the nagging in the back of my head that I will have to find a job once this project is done, THAT I am not looking forward too.

Without further ado, heres my project so far =)
The theme is antiques and I've used a much looser style of drawing compared to my last project.  Some are continuous line drawings and although they look quite messy, once they are redrawn into Illustrator they will work a lot better on cards and giftwrap which is what I have decided to design for.

At the moment I'm taking patterns from my drawings and working them up into backgrounds (like the drawing above) I'll hopefully have some to show you in a week or so.  I had a little experiment with colour below, although it's a bit garish the line quality has turned out well, the colour needs working on though.


  1. are some of these intended to be blind contour drawings?

  2. Yes some of them are, I found they were quite messy drawings so produced several neater versions where I had looked at the page while drawing continuously. For example the watches, clocks and pearl necklaces. The candlesticks and pocketwatch were drawn blindly.