Saturday, 9 June 2012

Beautifully colourful watercolour artists

Well the title is a bit of a mouthful.  These use of colour by these two artists are what drew me to their work, the style is messy and the colours aren't completely blended in parts but thats what makes it intriguing.  Stina Persson's pieces are more simple compared with Silvia Pelissero who adds a lot more detail to the facial features.

I especially love the detail of the eyes and lips in Silvia Pelissero's pieces, the bold use of colours with the bright splashes against the darker shades is also very striking and caught my eye straight away.

Stina Persson's use of pattern in her artwork was what appealed to me most when I first saw her work.

Both of these artists are massively inspiring for my own work, I have barely ever used watercolours, for some reason I could never get them to work out, however I may just give them another go after seeing these pieces.

Stina Persson

Silvia Pelissero

If anyone has any other artists theyve come across that inspires them please share below =)

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