Thursday, 13 September 2012

Harper & the Owl

Todays post is another of my lovely coursemates, Harper & the Owl, her style is lovely and simplistic, it truly shows how a simple design in only a couple of colours can be extremely effective.  I just want to snap these gorgeous crockery pieces up as fast as I can!

Emiko Hulme, the designer behind these wonderful pieces, has her pottery made by a small family pottery business in Cheshire and then hand decorates them herself.  Her use of blank canvas (as in white space on the pottery pieces) is brilliant, she doesn't feel the need to fill the whole area and instead gives us little snippets of motifs, making the overall designs crisp and uncluttered.

My favourite is the first bowl and mug set below, I love the abstract shapes she has designed and the differing thickness of line makes it quite eye catching.

Also the little birds are so cute pottering across the bowl! =)

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