Thursday 21 March 2013

Perfectly simple inspiration

After the screen printing workshop I was in last week I have gotten the screen printing bug! It is killing me that I don't have enough space to set up a messy area in which to go all out and produce bigger screens.  I am pretty confined to a very small scale screen printing technique, but should have more space come summertime =)

Talking about Summertime, I want to showcase some wonderful screen printed inspiration.  I love the screen printed style and it would be perfect to inspire surface pattern design on computer software!

Summersville by Lu Summers have some absolutely wonderful designs.  Mostly one coloured, but they have intricate little motifs and details.  She covers the page with lots of dainty images and I love that the repetition isn't too fussy, there is no need for multiple colours, her patterns are simply beautiful!  The link for Lu's Etsy shop is above, you can buy her lovely screen printed fabric from there =) You can also find her blog here

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