Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Home & Gift show - Crabtree & Evelyn

This Monday I went to the Home and Gift show in Harrogate to have a little look around and see what the stands look like.  I'd love to do a trade show in the future so it was quite a learning experience to go along and see what it is all about.  I wasn't looking for inspiration (which one rather rude woman thought I was going to be stealing designs!) but it is always nice to see what other designers are out there that I haven't come across so I can show you all and so I can see where my work would fit in the market.

It was quite nerve wracking to go and have a look at all these designers who are already in the industry.  Making their way further up the ladder I'm trying to get myself onto, so I was a bit put off in the beginning when a couple of people were a little cold towards me, but I persevered and found loads of lovely designers and business owners who were very enthusiastic and were happy to have a chat.  There will always be times you feel unsure and out of your depth, or people will put you down, it's all about getting past that and focusing on the more constructive and the positive comments!

First up, the packaging from Crabtree and Evelyn has always caught my eye, I absolutely love some of their watercolour illustrations, they're so dainty and work perfectly on cosmetic packaging.  Here is a little showcase of what they are using at the moment, Somerset Meadow is my favourite!

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