Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tigerprint Competitions

I love Tigerprint Competitions, they are competitive, professional and not decided by public vote.  These type of competitions often end up with the winning design being the one who has the most friends, don't get me wrong I've entered these competitions before and have roped everyone I can possible think of into voting for me.  The problem is that after a few of these competitions you feel cheeky asking for votes, it also doesn't feel like you've deserved the win, or at least for me it doesn't.

For those that do not know, Tigerprint are the sole producer of greetings products for Marks and Spencers stores, they also run a design competition each month for designers just like me.  The prize is fairly handsome at £200 and a possible studio placement and the best thing about it is they decide the winners.  So you definitely know you have deserved to win!

This months competition is a Black and White theme which I am hoping to enter, the deadline is fast approaching though as it is Tuesday the 3rd of September.  For any of you that haven't heard of these competitons (although I'm sure a lot of you will have done) I have started a Pinterest page for all of the Tigerprint Competitions, take a look for a bit of inspiration =) and I'll show you my patterns next week.

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