Monday, 16 December 2013

Emma Frances is off to Paris!

Well I have some fantastic news that I can finally announce today after sitting on it for about a week.  It's always so exciting having a huge secret for a while that your bursting to tell everyone, this is probably one of the reasons I love this industry so much!

I have been picked by Believe Creative Studio to be one of their guest designers for the upcoming Indigo-Premiere Vision show in Paris.  As soon as I saw Rosie's call for designers for Childrenswear I knew it was exactly what I needed.  A chance to get stuck in and focus on a big project with set deadlines and plenty of designing time aswell as working on children's themes which are my favourites!  I had a good feeling about the whole thing and I was right!  After getting Rosie's email saying she'd love me to be one of her guest designers I couldn't sit still and honestly felt like jumping around the room a little.

This is such a huge opportunity for me and I feel ready for it now, a few months ago I think it would have been very daunting but I have achieved such a lot since September that I'm ready for the next leap. 

I have the chance to work with some very talented ladies aswell as the wonderful Believe Creative Studio on some amazing projects.  I believe this will help my designing even more and it has been so much fun working on the first design brief that I think I would quite happily sit and work all day everyday!  I have learnt a lot about my style and different ways of putting a collection together aswell as practicing my drawing skills so I am well prepared.

The only down side to all of this is I won't be able to share my work with all of you, as it must be kept a secret.  I will keep up my blogging though and let you know how everything is going as I have plans for lots of new products in the New Year!

This time last year I don't think I would have believed this would be happening!  I wonder what next year will bring =)

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  1. what an amazing opportunity! i hope you have fun in pari!