Monday, 12 September 2011

Claire Prebble: Wearable Art

After spending a couple of hours surfing the net looking for inspirational and unusual designers/artists I finally found one that took my breath away.  The amount of work that has gone into her costumes is incredible.  She uses a lot of wire work which you can't notice from afar, but once you see the bodices up close its amazing that amount of precision is possible.  Seeing these just make me want to get the pliers and copper wire out and give it a go.  I imagine it will take a few years of practice to get it up to this standard though.

The other point that drew me to this artist is how young she is, at 18 she won the supreme wearable art award with the entry pictured below, this was after having 10 years of experience at making these wearable art pieces! Gradually getting more advanced of course, I would be gobsmacked if an 8 year old could manipulate wire at this standard, then again Mozart composed his first piece at the age of 4.

Her Website

My second thought when seeing these garments (my first was wow...) was that the amount of sterling silver wire used must have cost a of course I had to find out how much it was.  For just a metre its £6.70.

Here are a couple of her other pieces that caught my eye:

If you think these are pretty cool then you should check out the world of wearable art website here!
The imagination thats gone into these picese is incredible.

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