Sunday, 2 October 2011

Amazing artist I found last year in SAN DIEGO!

Ok so when I went on a spontaneous trip to go and first meet my boyfriend in San Diego, California, I came across this amazing artist at a market.  I love the detail in his drawings, the bold choice of colours and the iconic images he works from.  He really thinks through what he is going to put into his work and how they link in with the theme.  I bought a print of the art work below and it's my favorite because it's based on the famous art work of Hokusai's great wave.

I've done the images extra large so you can see the detail (I know the side bar goes over it but it is a small sacrafice)

Look really closely and you can see images inside the image!
Here is his website, definitely worth a look because I couldn't put all of his work on here!

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