Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Designer Feature: Maike Thoma of Patternjots

Welcome to another wonderful showcase of a very talented designer!

Maike has a beautiful style and I have admired her work for some time, her work is delicate, intricate and she puts an incredible amount of detailed pattern into her work at times.  I love that she can design in a mixture of styles, some as I described above and at other times she uses bolder motifs.

Maike has been a fashion designer for over 20 years and has always had a huge passion for prints and patterns, she finds inspiration from books, art, nature and 'field trips' to stores.  Both sets of grandparents were also huge inspirations, her grandfather was also a fashion designer and her grandmother a textile designer, so it certainly runs in the family.

I asked her how she got into surface pattern design - 'I wanted to expand my creativity and decided it is time to explore the Surface Pattern World after so many years working in fashion.  The e-course "The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design" was eye opening and I have not stopped creating patterns ever since.  What I love about SPD is that even if I am working according to a brief, I feel creative. Colours are key and can change a design tremendously. There are so many possibilities working with different shapes and creating new shapes which I find fascinating.'

You can find her on Facebook here, twitter here and her online shop here.


  1. A FAB feature Emma. It's interesting to know Maike has such talented grandparents! I love her works too and would very much like to wear a dress in any of the prints above, especially the one in black and white.. really beautiful! :)

  2. Lovely, delicate work Maike. Love Valentines hearts, Tina

  3. Thank you so much Emma for this lovely blog feature ! And thank you Sylvia and Tina for the nice comments ! Xx Maike