Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Louise Harding in the Spotlight

This weeks fellow surface designer feature is Louise Harding, she is a little shy and just starting out so feels she isn't very good at promoting her work.  The thing is she doesn't need to be! Her work speaks for itself, she has a wonderful graphic style and I love her use of texture in her work.  This was something I always wanted to try and put into my work so it is lovely to see her do this so well. He colour palettes are a joy to look at, feminine, earthy tones, which work perfectly with the grainy textures in her work.  Truly beautiful!

What inspires you and why do you do what you do?
'Art was my first love, nature my second.  When I was younger I found a Yew tree in St James Church close to my house and made it into a den, I would sit up in the branches on the 'owl seat' where I would draw and eat copious amounts of cola bottles.  When I sit down to create a new design I remember that time, the peace, the sounds, the smell of the bark and leaves.  I try to recreate that feeling in my work today'

She now does a lot of her drawing in the bath tub instead of up in the trees! Sounds pretty perfect place to draw, although I'm sure I would end up dropping my work into the water =)

Please leave some comments to let Louise know how lovely her work is! You can find more of Louise's designs at her website here.


  1. Beautiful work! Love the colours and the textures.

  2. Lovely designs Louise, I especially like the second one down - Beautiful :)

  3. Beautiful designs, Louise! Love your signature look, very unique! You got talent, lady:)!

  4. oh, don't be shy louise! your designs are gorgeous! i especially love the first one!

  5. Really lovely, designs Louise! If you'd like to do a contributor post on our blog drop us an email at info@decorque.com and we'd happily promote you a little more! Get in touch.

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies !
    Harriet I would love to contribute to your
    blog, I will email you for more info !

  7. great texture, color and beautiful drawings!