Sunday 5 January 2014

Top blog posts of 2013!

In my last post I had a look back at 2013 and what achievements it brought for Emma Frances, today I've put together a look at the best blog posts from 2013, the ones that brought the most views or comments and the ones readers really interacted with and enjoyed.

Hopefully this year there will be many more helpful insights into the world of surface pattern, It's always nice to hear that what I have to say has helped other designers with their careers.  I've often had to find things out for myself with a lot of research and time taken to make sure I am doing something right so to be able to pass this information on to others who would otherwise be feeling a little lost (like I have many a time) is a wonderful feeling.

First up is My Favourite Pinterest Boards picks!  I've been a keen pinner for a while now and it is such a fantastic place to go for inspiration and to put boards together for upcoming trends.  It helps you sort your ideas out and there are always some fantastic finds.  Expect another of these posts this year with more inspiration filled boards from lots of different designers!

For those times where your inspiration just isn't flowing I put together 12 ways to get past a creative block. These are 12 different ways to try and get your creativity back and for your designing to get past that stage where you find yourself doodling without a purpose.  It's always helpful to read these posts that give you several ways to try something, whether it be marketing strategies, keeping focused or new drawing techniques to try out.  It gives you a selection of things to try, as sometimes you may not be drawn to some of them!

My Craft Fair Experience was a very popular post, I was very honest and really let you all know just how bad my first craft fairs were, it's good to be honest sometimes and to let others who may have had a similar experience know they're not alone!  I felt very down and lost my confidence, in myself and in my designing, after my first craft fairs.  It was a great idea to talk about it though as I got a lot of other designers coming to me and letting me know their bad experiences and it helped me realise I wasn't alone.  You've always got to pull some positives from the negatives though!

Two of the most popular blog posts were about some short courses two of my designer friends have put together through Skillshare.  I have taken part in both of these courses and have to say the amount of information you get for your money is astonishing!  They have both gone above and beyond to ensure you have value for money.  Majo runs the Reign Repeats course where you learn all about producing repeating patterns and Faye runs The Art of Typography course all about producing your own type!  Both very valuable even for accomplished designers as they teach you their little tips and tricks.  Well worth looking into these two courses!

Finally I took part in two design events last year, the Bloghop in January and the PinHop in June!  I had to produce two small collections for each of these events and it was a pleasure to take part and to see everyone elses creations.  My workload has increased a lot since last year (which is great!) so I won't be participating in the bloghop that is happening soon (more to come about that later) but I will be hopping my way through it and supporting all of the amazing designers who are taking part!

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