Monday 13 January 2014

Where life is leading me next

This is more of a personal post this morning.  I have some wonderful news, after 6 months of living in Newton-Le-Willows I'm moving again!  I absolutely hate moving, and this house is a nightmare to be moving out of but I'm quite excited to move to another part of the country (Derby) and to get exploring again. 

The house we're in at the moment was oh so much fun to move into.....we couldn't get our mattress up the stairs so had to launch it up and over the balcony, whilst the next door neighbors were watching.  The sofa was a bit of a challenge too, we ended up having to unscrew the feet to squeeze it up the staircase!  My parents helped us move in and I'm pretty sure they are dreading being asked again, so thankfully we have opted for a removal company.  This means I can sit back and try to relax as they cart all of the 100's of boxes I'm starting to think we may end up with.

I've been working at a local company for the past 4 months for a little extra money so I could start my own line of products.  I'm not afraid of some hard work and am quite happy to juggle my two jobs to make sure I give my best in everything.  I spent 2012's Christmas period rushing about in one of the top restaurants in Leeds, 12 hours shifts everyday, waking up and grabbing an early lunch at 10:30 before being back at work.  Having to wear smart shoes that inevitably left your feet swollen and throbbing by the end.  I also had to throw those babies out after the Christmas period as they had just about had it! 

This year I've had a really enjoyable Christmas time though.  I work for a home delivery company, it's independently owned and they deliver vegetable and fruit boxes aswell as meat, dairy and pretty much any other product you can think of to people's homes.  My super glorious job is as a vegetable packer....glamourous I know!  I've met some incredible people though and having grown up on a farm I'm not afraid of a little labour, it came along at the right time, it squeezed 16 hours into one and a half days so it was a good little wage each month and it helped me begin my dream of getting my products out there. 

It's funny what life can throw at you sometimes.  I never ever would have imagined a year from working in a lovely fancy restaurant I would be packing vegetables.  This Christmas was a dream compared to last year, I could get wrapped up in as many layers as I pleased each day, have some really thick socks and my chunky walking boots on so I was toasty warm most of the time!  The hours were still long but at 10 hours I got plenty of breaks and wasn't being yelled at by rude customers every 15 minutes.  I also got in by 6pm most nights so could enjoy a few hours of tv and some deliciously cooked food instead of getting in and going straight to bed. 

Now that I am heading to Derby though I sadly have to leave this part time job behind me, it's always nice to reflect on what life gave you, I needed as many hours as I could get in as little days as I could find and I got given it.  It meant I had plenty of time left to design and build Emma Frances.  I wonder what life will throw at me next!?

I don't know where the quote originally came from but it is perfect, if anyone does know get in touch so I can properly source the image =)

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