Friday, 4 April 2014

More Pinterest Favourites

I wrote about some of my favourite Pinterest boards a while ago which was quite a popular post, it's nice to be given all of these fantastic sources of inspiration so I thought I would show you some more of my favourites.

I love to design for children, they're full of such active imaginations that your designs can be fun and full of colour!  Children's designs are always full of colour and I love colour!

Children's Design

There are some amazing boards for children's illustrations and patterns on Pinterest so here are some of my favourites:
Phyllida Coroneo has a wonderful children inspired board which has patterns from clothing to wallpaper, a mixture of products and digital pieces makes it a nice mix of inspiration.
Nikki Upsher and Jill Turney both have wonderful boards full of colourful, cheerful patterns and illustrations.
Sally Payne, a freelance children's designer, has one of my favourite children's boards!  It's jam packed with amazing designs.

Flowers and Gardens

I'm a big fan of floral patterns and have more florally dresses than I can count, so I do a lot of drawings of flowers and nature.  Some of the boards I follow are gardening and flower filled and they're fantastic to use as inspiration.
Glamod Fashion's bouquet board is perfect for this, the colour palettes from the bouquet's are also great inspiration.
Anneline Sophia also has a beautiful gardening board (which will be great for when I get my own garden too!)
My own English Countryside Garden has lots of my favourite flowers too!

Trends and Themes

There are loads of boards which revolve around a certain theme or trend, when you're working to specific trends it's an ideal way of collecting loads of images into one place.
Some of my favourites are the woodland and nautical trends, Inspire Art Licensing has fantastic woodland and nautical boards full of beautiful illustrations!
I've put together my own Forest Life and Under the Sea boards aswell as one full of trend ideas

Some of my favourites

Sally Payne has so many amazing boards so I definitely recommend checking her Pinterest account out!
Caren Barry and Creative Bloq also have loads of fantastic boards, I just can't pick which I like best.

Here's a mix of some that really stood out for me:
Phyllida Coroneo's Stationary
Nikki Upsher's Pattern Love Board
Lauren Hay has a few that caught my eye, her Packaging, Crafting and Papercraft boards are great!
Jane Farnham's Illustration, Surface Pattern and Colour boards

Wedding Stationary

Another product I like to look at for inspiration is wedding stationary, they have some really dainty designs and Natalie from Mustard Seed Creative has a lovely board full of them.
My own Wedding Stationary board has some intricate typography as well as some more unusual stationary designs.

Finally a bit of studio and decor love, Anneline Sophia's are my favourite boards for this, she combines her love for pattern with these boards so they are full of pattern filled decor! and the studio ideas just make me want to get redecorating mine!

Let me know which are your favourites and come and check out my Pinterest boards :)

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