Monday, 14 April 2014

My Dream Design Room

We are currently house hunting, which I've found is going to be a rather difficult experience.  Some houses look great in the pictures (by great I mean it needs a bit of work doing to it!), then when we go to view the houses they're a lot more work than you first think.  We saw one this weekend where the photographer conveniently missed the rooms with damp covered walls!

Anyway now I'm super excited to finally being able to put pictures and shelves up, paint the walls and put wallpaper up and just make the place ours!  It also got me thinking about my dream studio/design room, so I've been trawling the internet for design rooms and have come up with some great ideas for my future studio.  Although it may be quite a way down the road before all of my ideas come together, good job I have a super handy Matthew!

So what do I need:
  • A nice big desk is a must, it's nice to have plenty of space for my computer, scanner and to be able to draw.
  • A smaller table for my whopper of a printer, yes it needs a table of it's own it's that big!
  • I'm desperate for some shelves!  My desk gets cluttered quite quickly and it would be fantastic to have some shelves above my desk so I can keep my desk tidy (which at the moment seems impossible)
  • I'd love a huge pinboard/inspiration wall.  It's important to surround yourself with beautiful patterns and a big pinboard would be perfect for this.  It would also be handy to pin things up that I need to remember!
Whilst looking for pinboards I found these wonderful ideas, the first one is perfect, it's colourful, pretty and practical.  It's a great idea to make some of the squares blackboards, some pinboards and some whiteboards.

This board surrounds the desk, meaning you have pretty inspiration right infront of you.  Or that to do list so you don't forget to tick some off!

This is a slightly smaller pinboard but I love the crisscross ribbon to hold your pictures.  The great thing about this desk is it has the shelves I so desperately need!

I love the idea of a blackboard wall where you can scribble down things you need to remember, although I would no doubt get chalk everywhere!

A smaller section may be a good idea though, where I could write the big objectives of the day.  A whole wall of black may darken the room too so this is a happy medium.

Finally some big shelving units would be fantastic, I have a lot of products and need a nice, organised area to store them so I can easily get to them when orders come through.

These baskets make the studio look so neat and tidy, I'd love to do something like this so the shelves don't look so cluttered!

A mixture of shelves and cupboards would be nice, so no one can see all of the clutter I throw into the cupboards!

It's a long way off but it's nice to have an idea of what I'd like when the day comes.


  1. Oh wow Emma some of these studio spaces look divine! I'd like to think I would get a lot more done if I had a pretty studio space instead of being cooped up in the attic. A girl can dream, hey? Good luck with your house hunting and I hope you find one with your perfect studio space :)

  2. Loving all those spaces. And I get what you mean about having to make the most out of the space you have! I've got a tiny room and I really need to get a desk in here...
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. That’s true. In house hunting, you cannot always rely on the pictures. It’s still better to take a visit and check every corner, to ensure that the property you’re looking at doesn’t require too much work. Or better yet, that it is in great condition, and has everything that you need. Anyhow, how’s your search so far? I hope you already found your dream house, or on your way to designing one. Cheers!

    Juana Adams @ Manage My Property

    1. We've found our first house and are currently giving it a facelift, exciting stuff! Thank you for your comment Juana :)

  4. That’s right. A thorough inspection of the house is one of the important things to do when house hunting. While it might seem tedious to some, it's better than rushing to a sale, only to find out all the flaws it had afterwards. Being thorough now can help get you that house you've always wanted, or something close to it. Cheers!

    Sean McCrory @ Graham, AK

    1. Hi Sean! You are definitely right, it pays to thoroughly check a house you are interested in otherwise you may be in for some surprises when you move in!