Monday, 25 October 2010

Words of Wisdom

I'm going to share with you all any words of wisdom that I come up with, hopefully they will help you out in some way (but most of us never listen to advice when were told it, do we, honestly?).

I'm now living in a house instead of student accommodation, so I live on a street, whereas last year I lived in a flat.  When I was driving back from picking up a friend from the train station I reparked my car (parallel parking) and realised that i've had to do more parallel parking than I ever thought I would.  You may think some skills will never be useful or you won't use them very often, but then they sneak up on you and suddenly you have to use random skills quite often. 

Where I'm trying to go with this little story of mine is take advantage of learning any skill you can, I barely remember learning to parallel park and so it's taken me a good few weeks of having to use that form of parking to be able to do it well (just imagine a lot of back and forth, back and forth, and on a hill too, it can get stressful). 

If you collect as many skills as you can whenever the opportunity arises then it gives you an edge on others.  I'm looking at this from a bigger picture point of view, not just parking, because lets be honest, parking isnt the most important of skills, or one employers look for in a person (unless your going into the lorry driving buisness, or one like it).  It's all about being a bit different these days, being original and unique so employers will choose you over the 100's of other applicants. 

So if an opportunity comes around where you can gain an extra skill or two (for example, from joining a society or taking a short course, or even volunteering) then go for it, it'll be worth it in the end when your the one with the job!

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