Tuesday, 19 October 2010

And so it begins....

I've finally gotten round to uploading photos of my work to promote myself.  It's daunting having to put my drawings up on the net for people to look at and comment on, there are always those who don't like it and criticise your work, stripping it down until you no longer like it very much.  When yesterday you felt it was your best piece so far.  I just have to remember critisism is good, and it will help me on my way to being a top designer (as long as I don't take it to heart).
I keep hearing about other students, who are also doing this module on promoting yourself online, and they all seem to be recieving loads of feedback and one girl is even getting a Photographer asking her for help on his new project.  Said photographer has even got a professional looking website, so he must be good!!  And he's wanting a second year student to do paid work for him!
So in conclusion I feel I need to get my finger out and sort my online portfolio out, then you can all take a good look, and criticise my work all you want (be kind).
Now I wait with bated breath on the edge of my seat for the first comment.....

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