Tuesday, 23 November 2010

3 down 5 to go!

Here's my 3rd design, I'm churning them out, the only problem is I will proberbly have square eyes by the end of the weekend.  The amount of hours im spending on the computer!!
Im pretty pleased with this design, it's definitely my favorite so far, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so spend hours playing around until I'm completely happy with the final design.  If I wasn't I'd proberbly have had all 8 designs done already.

Let me know what you think

 And here it is, my final design.  As you can tell I go through a lot of experiments before I get here!
The thought of doing it like I have done just came to me, the annoying thing with degree work is you have to explain where it came from and how I got there.  Most of my designs are just a spark of an idea.

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