Friday, 26 November 2010

Change of Plan

Trying to get my two collections together (4 designs in each) and keep it to the specification (which they've made more complicated than need be), all this talk of positive and negative cuts and repeat and non repeat patterns.  So I've had to rethink one of my designs to fit in with all of that.  I can't remember which type of cut is positive and which is negative, but I've made the collections opposites, so I'm just hoping I've got it right.

Well here's what I have so far:
Collection 1

 The Design above was origionally the one below, but I had to change it so I had one collection in repeat and one not in repeat. 

Collection 2
So do the designs work? I still have another 4 to come up with (2 for each collection), Let me know if they work, if they look good, or if they need any improvements.  Any feeback would be great! Thanks!

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