Wednesday 2 January 2013

Happy New Year! Looking forward to the future!

Happy New Year to you all! Sorry for my absence the past few weeks, December is always a manic month on the run up to Christmas.  I had a fair few 12 hour shifts in the last week before Christmas day so when I got home I needed a little time to relax.  However now it is a new year I have my creative hat on once more and am feeling fairly optimistic about the future.

Have you all made some goals for this year yet? I have plenty in mind but the main ones are to build my portfolio up and finally start contacting companies.  My dad heard on the radio that there isn't much point making resolutions at this time of year because it is dark and dreary and no one tends to stick to them for very long.  He has now decided he will be making Spring resolutions, not sure whether this is his way of getting out of making them...

I'd love to hear other peoples resolutions or goals and dreams for this year! Just leave me a comment.

For my first post of 2013 I'd like to show off a lovely decorated envelope I recieved in the post the other day.  I am part of a lovely community of Surface pattern designers and one of these ladies, Gill Eggleston pulled us all together to do efuto's which are Japanese picture envelopes.

Getting post (minus bills) is exciting enough but who wouldn't want to get a colourful piece of artwork aswell!  we all recieved and sent an envelope and Gill Eggleston has collected scans of our pieces and is putting together a directory of everyones.  This isn't live yet but as soon as it is I will let you all know!

So here is mine which is winging it's way off to Erin Ibbertson in Australia as we speak.

and here is the one sent to me by Emma Cooper which came all the way from Singapore! I just love it =)

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