Friday 4 January 2013

My super lucky December! Although no lottery winnings yet

I had an amazing December besides the mountain of shifts at work I amazingly won two absolutely fantastic giveaways!

The first was by Rachael Taylor whom I did a blog post about which you can read here.  I entered and completely forgot I had then she announced it on Twitter and I didn't even notice until one of the surface pattern girls told me!  I had won £60 of her products.  She has always been one of my favourite designers and I love her style, it is bold, hand drawn and she has been an inspiration to all surface pattern designers who have taken her course.

Her products are beautiful, I had always wanted one of her Quirky floral stems shopper bag so that was a must to get!  It was really difficult to decide what to get but after much umming and ahhing I managed to pick the Bohemian style apron and a Pink etched floral tea towel.

The quality of her products are wonderful and I just want to get in the kitchen and bake something so I can use my apron!  I loved them so much I got most of my Christmas presents from Rachael Taylor too and everyone loved them just as much as me!!!

The second big giveaway I won, and this came as a surprise aswell because again I had forgotten I had entered!  I got the email after a very busy (and very tiring) 13 hour shift at the restaurant and it was the most amazing surprise to get when your that exhausted.  This giveaway was by Tamsin Seed of Studio Seed who is another of my favourite designers alongside Rachael Taylor.  Her work is equally as beautiful, she has quite a delicate style and her colour palettes are soft and subtle.  I arrived home for Christmas to a big parcel of goodies which you can see in the picture below.

I can't recommend these two designers enough, their work is lovely and their products make brilliant presents!

Besides winning these two giveaways I also got my first piece of freelance work! and have been contacted by a company to design some patterns for them also.  Hopefully this is the start of bigger things to come! (Sadly I did not win the lottery, which I did everytime something good happened in a hope for the good luck to carry on)
I'll keep you posted =)

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  1. Wow congratulations Emma, especially on the freelance work that's fantastic news!!