Friday, 27 September 2013

Catch up with Lily Reilly

I have Lily Reilly back with us today for a little catch up since her last feature last December.  Since then Lily has had a very busy year (that’s good news!).  

I am still living in Berlin and can happily say that I am comfortably working through the German language which was a challenge for me at first!  I do miss a lot about my home in Ireland, especially the beautiful landscape, mountain views and proximity to the sea. 

So what have you been up with your designing since the feature last December?

Since the last feature I have been featured on over 10 different blogs/sites.  I secured my first licensing deal with US based company Kekacase, which was a great learning curve for me as I found out a lot about licensing.

 That will come in handy for the many more licensing deals I’m sure you will secure!

I helped to organise a group exhibition with two Berlin based German artists which was exciting as it was my first exhibition here.  I have recently had some limited eition screen-prints produced and these are available at two cafes here in Berlin.  Macarons de Stephane and Madame Tartinette.  I have printed new work on metal and exhibited in a couple of galleries back home in Ireland.  My greetings cards are now stocked at one of Berlin's finest Papeteries, Schwesterherz.

Wow it sounds like you have had an exciting year so far and have come so far since the last feature!  Why did you want to become a designer to begin with and what is it you like about patterns?

I think designing is just something that you do and it isn't really a choice.  It's and extension of yourself as all creative careers are.  Patterns make everything look so much more beautiful and can make even the simple and banal things a visual pleasure to have around.  Nature is that detailed and beautiful, why shouldn't man made things be too?

They have to be the best answer's I've ever had to these questions, your completely right, it is just who you are!  What have you learnt in the past 9 months and how do you feel you've grown as a designer?

I have learnt the importance of not following trends and especially not trying to push your style to fit a specific brief.  It if doesn't fit don't do it!  Pick projects that suit your work, don't water down your style by trying to make your work suit projects.  I have also learnt not to take everyone's opinions to heart.  I recently worked on a project and some people were very unsupportive of it and didn't hold back the fact that they disliked what I was doing.  It was hard to believe in myself and what I was doing but I held on and it really paid off in the end.  Remember that people have different tastes and not everyone will like your work, particularly if you have a specific style.

Some fantastic words of wisdom there for new designers, it's hard to hear when people don't like your work, but there will always be some I'm afraid.  What are your plans for the future and where do you hope to be in another 9 months or so?

I hope to start working on a new project, I am looking for more nice stockists for my greeting cards and art prints and I hope to exhibit more with friends.

In an ideal world I would like to sell enough to fund one of my dreams which is to visit Glasgow for a first hand account of Mackintosh's wonderful creations.

Overall I hope to be able to keep doing what I love and for it to be well received.  I hope to challenge myself to do things that I don't think I can.

I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope to see how you're doing in the future!  Lily has also sent us a few pictures of her work space and her newest project.

My studio space, I work at home in the corner of our living area with the company of our little cat Poppy.  Our neighborhood is very quiet and there is a lot of natural light which is lovely and a perfect work space.

Inspiration Board - I put anything that I think is beautiful up on my board, cards from friends, work from creatives I admire such as Sandra Dieckmann, Jane Ormes and Sanna Annukka, photos, concert tickets, anything goes!  Some of these things have followed me over the years and are very special to me.

New work - Moon.  This is a sneak peek at a new series I am working on.


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